Wednesday, December 26, 2012

10 Day Holiday Nail Art Challenge Days 4 and 5: Holiday Treat and Holiday Song!

This one is a two-fer!  Mostly because I'm behind on the challenge and need to catch up!

For my Holiday Treat manicure, I was going to do Russian Tea Cakes.  My mom made these buttery, walnutty, pale green balls of deliciousness for years, and so I thought a reminiscent manicure made a lot of sense.  I had layered all of these polishes, using shimmers, nutty little brown glitters, pale green sheers, and voila! The worlds most boring manicure.

I had to improvise; my manicure looked practically white, booooo-ring!  So I busted out my handy striping brush and got to candy-caneing my nails!

I like how the uneven strokes on my nails match the uneven stripes in the cane; let's call it "on purpose", shall we?

Next, holiday song.  My maternal grandfathter liked Jimmy Durante a lot, so every time I hear his version of Frosty the Snowman (you can hear it here:  I think of him, and of my family, which is an association I really enjoy.  So, with my trusty stamper and Kleancolor Metallic Navy over Pretty n' Polished Sno'mans Land, I have Frosty nails!
My pinky would not cooperate; I couldn't get it in a good position in any photos, so you'll have to imagine it looks decent and not all crumpled and blurry.

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