Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick NOTD: Julep Melissa and Portia! Also FACEBOOK!

I finally started a facebook page for my blog!  You can follow me here:

I've also added a Bloglovin' link to my blog, just to your right over there --->
As you've likely read, Google Reader is biting the big one on July 1, so if you want to follow my shennanigans, Facebook or Bloglovin' are your best bets.

As for my nail of the day:

I was in a seashelly kind of mood this time around, so I put Portia tips on 2 coats of Michelle.  The visible nail line doesn't bother me with this one, mostly because the glittery tips make the look intentional, instead of just a too-sheer polish with no undies (scandal!).

I got Portia in Julep's Spring Mystery Box (I'm a sucker for those mystery boxes), and really like how well the iridescent glitter reflects even over a pale color like Melissa.

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  1. welcome to Facebook :) pretty mani, I was just playing around with Melissa last week also.