Monday, February 4, 2013

Swatchathon: Pretty & Polished Olgite and Concoction

I have to apologize to my readers; my time has been mostly taken up by painting our new house, and so nail polish hasn't been very feasible lately.  It's depressing me to look at all my pretty polish and know if I put it on it'll just be wrecked by housepaint!

First off, an update on how my hands are holding up after using solely the  Pretty and Polished Sin City Hand and Body Creme for around 3 weeks; note that I've used no other moisturizing ANYTHING, no cuticle oil, no lotion, no balm, no salve, nothing, and I've spent my time either painting our house, spackling, or working in a lab with suffocating polyurethane gloves on:
Not too bad, huh??  I have enjoyed this hand creme way more than I thought I would; I figured it'd be nice, but I didn't think it'd keep my cuticles and hand skin in such good shape!  Plus, my boyfriend comments on how good it smells every time I put it on.

So far, I give the Sin City Hand and Body Creme an A+.  I'm going to keep using my sample until it's gone, so I'll update you in a few more weeks as to how it does for over a month as my sole moisturizer.

That said, I have a few swatches to share with you today, and hope to post a bit more regularly in the coming future.  Today, I'm featuring two polishes that were sent to me, along with the Pretty and Polished Sin City Hand and Body Creme.  They're part of the Pretty and Polished permanent line, and are some truly beautiful polishes.

First off, some bottle shots; Concoction is on the left, and Olgite on the right:

Concoction is a stunner; a royal purple jelly with flakies, iridescent glitter and a little bit of scattered holo to top it off?  Fabulous!  It's been raining here, so I couldn't get a sun picture to show off the holo, but the flakies and iridescent glitter both shine in this picture:
This is two coats, with a fantastic level of coverage for a jelly.  The color indoors is typically a royal purple, but it leans a little plummy in brighter lights.

Next, Olgite.  Olgite is a blue shimmer with a purpley-pink flash to it; if you look closely at the bottle shot above, you'll see a hint of it.  This polish dries semi-matte (satin, if you will), so if you prefer full gloss a topcoat will be a must.
Olgite is a lovely bluebird blue, and that purple/pink flash makes it a pretty special polish.  The coverage is good too; above is two coats, plus topcoat.

Olgite and Concoction can be purchased at Pretty and Polished's website.  As always, great formulas and great colors!

These products were sent to me for review; all opinions are my own and are not influenced by external sources.

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