Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Inspired by a Print or Pattern

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I had grand, grand visions for this Artsy Wednesday.  The patterns I envisioned on my nails included a pink and blue plaid from my childhood, flocked Venetian wallpaper, backgammon boards, etc.  The ideas got bigger and bigger until I realized that unless I went pretty simple, I'd be disappointed.  So, in true K.I.S.S. style, I chose a simple little pattern and it turned into the best manicure I've ever done!!

Lisa Frank leopard print nails!  I used a base of Milani Cyberspace, then used Zoya Ali and Wet n' Wild Ebony Hates Chris to make the little spots.

  I can't stop looking at my nails!  From the neon to the holo blue, this manicure is the bomb.  I want to do leopard spots in all types of color schemes too.  From natural browns and beiges to lilacs and purples to silvers and whites.  I think I'm going to go a little leopard crazy!

I'm really honored to be able to participate in Artsy Wednesday, and you should all DEFINITELY check out these other, very talented Artsy Wednesday participants.  You should also DEFINITELY check out my GIVEAWAY!:


  1. i LOVE leopard print manis! xx

  2. this is gorgeous! I would of never thought to use holo's AND neons together in the same mani! Great job :)

  3. Very pretty mani! I love the holo backdrop, it works so well with the neon :)

  4. This looks perfect! The color chives really make it pop!

  5. ah love the good ol Leopard print! :)

  6. I love it with the holo background. Looks amazing