Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Framed

Framed manicure! A mini-mani-inside-a-mani.  I used Julep's Sienna as my base, and painted Essence Choose Me! over it in a smaller, rectangular shape.  I then tipped my nails with Sienna again, fully framing Choose Me!

 I feel like you'd have to be really careful with the colors you'd choose for this manicure, so it doesn't look like chipped polish or like you have bloody cuticles, but this combo is so festive I might give it a shot for the winter holidays!

Sorry about the rough photos; it's been rainy all week, and my indoor lighting is pretty yellow, so good photo lighting wasn't to be found for these!

I'm really honored to be able to participate in Artsy Wednesday, and you should all DEFINITELY check out these other, very talented Artsy Wednesday participants:


  1. i think ur nails are a real even shape for this look... mine are a mix of square and round so they were a bit haphazard! xxx

  2. Great metallic colors you have chosen..good job your frames turned out nicely

  3. fab nails! loving the blue/gold combo! :)

  4. I like that shade of gold. I wanted to do a gold to but I don't have one like that.

  5. Very nice colour combination - the two shades just go together so well! :)