Saturday, June 16, 2012

Julep June Mystery Box!

I love the Julep mystery boxes; every once in a while (usually around a holiday, or just for fun), Julep offers a box for $19.99 (they provide a link to the box and a code to make sure it is discounted to $19.99) that has between $60 and $200 worth of product.  You don't know what you'll get, but I have yet to be disappointed!

I have bought 4 mystery boxes including this one, but the first three were smaller boxes.  I still loved the colors, and the boxes prompted me to sign up for the Julep Maven program because I liked them so much, but this month I got the big box!!

I got the Pedi Creme (I have never had such soft feet, I swear!), their basecoat, fast dry topcoat, Alyson (a camel colored creme), Amy (a turqoise blue), Sienna (a white-gold that is STUNNING), and Megan (mermaid blue!).

I also got their plumping lip gloss in Arousal (terrible name, nice product, but you definitely feel the burn from the plumper!), the Julep Reveal nail serum, and a pomegranate body creme and scrub.  Not too shabby for $19.99, huh?

You can get the monthly Julep box for just $0.01 by using the code MAVENINTRO when you sign up at!

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  1. Wow you got an awesome box! I've always wanted to get a mystery box but I haven't yet! Maybe the next time around. Yours is awesome! I hear great things about the Reveal nail serum!

    1. I got lucky with the bigger box, but I've honestly never been disappointed with the smaller boxes; you tend to get at least 3 polishes, plus other goodies, so it's always a deal!