Friday, October 5, 2012

Zoya Swatchathon: The Neutrals!

Zoya has a pretty fabulous selection of neturals, that range from pale pinks to greys, blues, greens, browns, purples, you name it.  I've got a selection here to share with you of my Zoya neutrals; I'm sure I'll get a lot of mileage out of these this fall!

First we have the silvers: Luna, Harley and Trixie.  Luna is a silver glitter in a whitish base, a very very cool take on a glitter polish.  I also didn't have to scrub too badly to remove Luna, which was a relief.  Harley is a cool dove grey with a slight shimmer.  It has a slightly tricky formula, a little thick but sheer at the same time, so it can be challenging to apply even coats.  However, a little extra care gives you a super soft, beautiful look!
Index, Middle: Luna  Ring, Pinky: Harley 

Next we have Trixie, a fantastic silver foil.  If you ever buy a silver foil, this is the one you should buy.  Great for stamping, easy to apply, not patchy, dries quickly, very nice!

 Index/Middle: Luna, Ring/Pinky: Harley, Thumb: Trixie

Next, the nudes.  First, we have Anne, a butterscotchy sheer nude with a hint of shimmer.  This is sheerer than I expected, but could be a really nice base for a french manicure.  Next we have Minka, an almost taupe nude with full coverage in just 2 coats!  I love this polish, it's a fabulous base for just about any nail art, and it looks so very classy.
 Index/Middle: Anne  Ring/Pinky: Minka
  Index/Middle: Anne  Ring/Pinky: Minka

I did 2 coats of Anne above, but wanted to compare 2 coats to 3 coats to show you the difference.

2 coats Anne: a little patchy, visible nail line

3 coats Anne: note that there's much less visible nail line

Next up, we have the neutral-pinks.  I thought these were too close to neutral to be included in the last post, and that they'd be a better fit in this set.  First we have Avril, a very nice pale pink that has a classy look to it.  I am amazed at how well this polish builds on itself; on the first coat you think "Oh no, this will never be opaque!" Then, the second coat covers the nail line and evens everything out immediately.

I also have Dharma here, a very very sheer pink base with a really nice blue flash to it.  I don't know how many coats it'd take to get opacity with this one, but it's a great little addition to other manicure colors, as well as adding a special touch to a French.
 Index/Middle: Avril, Ring/Pinky: Dharma
 Index/Middle: Avril, Ring/Pinky: Dharma

Finally, the browns.  These are totally dissimilar, but I didn't have anything else to pair them with, so they get to be compared to each other.  First is Angelina, a creamy dark brown that is almost a jelly in consistency; it applies like a jelly, but it is opaque in 2 coats, and has such a fantastic shine to it that I'm blown away.  These pictures are without topcoat!  That shine is all in the polish!

I also swatched Jules, a taupe with gold shimmer.  This is a neat take on gold, as it is understated, shimmery and charming without being in-your-face.  It's a gold for people who don't like gold.  It does have a bit of visible nail line after 2 thin coats, but a third one would eliminate it entirely.
 Index/Middle: Angelina, Ring/Pinky:Jules
 Index/Middle: Angelina, Ring/Pinky:Jules

That's all I have for Zoya Neutrals, but stay tuned for the Cool tones next!  I've also got some stamping plates coming in that I want to play around with, so I may test out how well Zoyas stamp!  I'm guessing it's going to be awesome.

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